The borders are Scotland's leading destination for short breaks and you can find out why with this guide. Narrated by Alma Cadzow and again sponsored by the best places to eat, shop, visit and stay.

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Discover the romantic and often turbulent history of the borders and enjoy the rich cultural connections and serene scenery and the friendly atmosphere of the rural communities located in the green rolling hills of the Borders.
This is a land of legend and ancient folk tales passed down through the ages, that tell of great kings like Arthur and Alexander and wizards such as Merlin and Michael Scott, fact seems to merge with fiction.
The remains of ancient hill forts and settlements bear witness to this earlier age. Whilst the clear evidence of the Roman occupation is scattered across the area, at its most prominent at Trimontium.
The towers of fairytale castles like Thirestane, Traquair and Floors seem at contrast with the solid defensive walls of castles like Hermitage and the numerous tower houses. Another contrast is the grand mansions like Mellerstain built in more settled times, displaying the wealth and power of these great landowning families.
Vast estates are still owned by the same border families who built these magnificient houses, whose history is interwoven with the very fabric of this wonderful countryside. Events unfold like the hills linking each place with another and the fascinating story of the borders is certainly a story worth hearing.
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