The 14th title in the highly acclaimed series of Scottish Audio Guides

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Narrated by Ray Conn, a singer songwriter who has been in the industry for over forty years and has worked with us on some of our earlier titles.
This title has magnificent sea and landscapes shaped over thousands of years by geological shifts, scouring glaciers and the relentless waves of the oceans. Rugged and weather beaten and far removed from the rest of the country, located at the very north west edge of Europe.
Its a region that is both wild yet romantic, with breathtaking sunsets, deserted golden beaches and dramatic mountain passes.
The salmon rivers, hill lochans and lochs amongst the wide open moorland and forestry are managed as sporting estates, whose centre-piece Victorian shooting lodges seem to puntuate the landscape.
A couple of great landowning Scottish clan chiefs with ancient castles still hold sway in the likes of Dunrobbin and Dunvegan, as they have for several hundred years.
Whilst Assynt is one of the first and best examples of community land-ownership.
The towns villages all serve the hinterland with the essentials of everday life, however the ruined crofts in every glen tell the distressing tale of the highland clearances when half the population was forcibly displaced to make way for sheep.
The mainland is essentially encapsulated by a coast road, which at times seems to reluctantly join the small communities together. Intersected by a few minor single track roads that head out across the open heather. Skye has the same outstanding scenery, mountains and sea, albeit on a more manageable scale than the mainland.
Whilst the Western Isles is one of the World's oldest and most exposed land surfaces washed by the mighty Atlantic from all sides, it now offers the option of visiting the entire necklace of islands by causeway and ferry.
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