The second title in the revised second series of audio guides and our 18th title to date. This is an update of two earlier titles Highland Perthshire and Perth and Kinross; both first recorded in 2002.

The fourth title featuring Cora Bissett recorded in the summer of 2009.
Since we completed the last title a number of things have changed, one notable feature are a number of excellent farm shops which have developed throughout the county since we completed the previous Audio Guide. A couple of great examples are featured as sponsors.
The great sporting estates and castles remain the centrepiece of the rural community, who are also key sponsors of this title.
Whilst the villages, towns and the city of Perth all support a number of excellent businesses, many of whom have also sponsored this guide.
The Tay is the longest river in the country and gentle passes through the county.
However this is also big tree country, with the oldest at Fortingall, the widest at Cluny and one of the tallest near the Hermitage at Dunkeld.
A map of the area is available below as a download:-
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