Discover Scotland - a new mobile version of our guides is available free from the major App. stores now!

With the growing use of smart phones we have developed in association with a company in the U.S.A. a FREE mobile application - App.

This is available FREE from the Itunes and Goggleplay App. stores.

Over ONE HUNDRED BILLION Apps. downloaded world-wide in 2013 and more than ONE BILLION new smart phones purchased!

The Mobile Application shows the Sponsors name, wording about the business offering, a few images, an active phone and website link.
The web link on the App. will create ongoing S.E.O. benefits for all our sponsors.

It also offers live Geo-Navigation that takes the user to the sponsors doorstep!

The App also features a short audio-video clip incorporating our audio content alongside sponsor generated images.

This can be offered as a FREE podcast on the sponsors website - with additional S.E.O. and benefits.

The App. can be accessed by sponsor, category and area.
Viewed in both a listing and map format.

It can be downloaded whilst in the area or from anywhere in the world - attracting both planned and spontaneous visitors.

For more details see below.
For Advertising Cost and on-going App. fee please download:-
Click here to download this file
Order form and T&Cs as per download below.
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