Another title in the second series recorded in 2011, an update of the earlier guide dating from 2003

This is the 21st title in our series of audio guides.
Argyll is not an area to cover in haste, it's over one hundred miles from Ardnamurchan in the north to the Mull of Kintyre in the south and about the same distance from Loch Lomond in the east to Iona in the west. Indeed the coastline is longer than France.
Argyll is the birthplace of a nation, the seat of a once all-powerful seabourne dynasty, the cradle of Christianity - its history is amazing!
The outstanding wildlife includes once extinct species - such as Sea Eagles re-introduced a number of years ago- and the Beaver currently undergoing a trial re-introduction at Knapdale.
An inspiring mix of island, sea and mountain in a grand and complex pattern.
The largest of the Hebridean islands - Mull is featured as are the smallest Gigha and Iona, alongside Islay, Jura and Bute.
Discover the secrets and stories of the past and present and download the tracks off the adjoining on-line shop.
Designed to take you on a unique journey of discovery.
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